Colors of Disease Awareness

Fighting a disease can be the most difficult thing your loved one could possibly have to do.  You feel pulled down and you have lost so much of your energy in the fighting battle to get well.  Show your love by wearing a specialty designed color awareness bracelet for the specific disease. They will feel honored you are not only thinking of them, but now you will give a direct message to all of how special they really are.


AIDS – Red
Arthritis Blue
Alzheimer’s – Purple
Asthma – Gray
Autism – Puzzle /red, aqua, blue, yellow
Cerebral Palsy - Green
Depression - Green
Diabetes - Gray
Epilepsy – Light Purple
Fibromyalgia - Purple
HIV - Red
Heart Disease - Red
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Light Purple
Lyme Disease – Lime Green
Lymphedema – Light Blue
Lupus - Purple
Multiple Sclerosis - Pearl
Parkinson’s - Gray
Spinal Bifida -Yellow
Substance Abuse - Teal





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